Surgical Pathology Criteria

Pleomorphic Liposarcoma

Differential Diagnosis

Pleomorphic Liposarcoma Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma
Cellular pleomorphic sarcoma throughout Atypical lipomatous areas present
MDM2 and CDK4 negative MDM2 95% and CDK4 92%
Classically, pleomorphic liposarcoma was not permitted as the dedifferentiated component, but it appears that it rarely occurs in this guise, associated with atypical lipomatous tumor and expressing MDM2 (see Boland 2010).

Pleomorphic Liposarcoma is distinguished from MFH and other pleomorphic non-lipogenic sarcomas by the presence of lipoblasts in the former

Myxoid Liposarcoma does not demonstrate the degree of pleomorphism seen in Pleomorphic Liposarcoma

Epithelioid Variant Pleomorphic Liposarcoma Carcinoma
Mucin negative large vacuoles No large vacuoles unless mucin positive
EMA negative Most are EMA positive
No glandular lumens May have glandular lumens
Keratin, S100 and vimentin are not useful as both can stain for these markers

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