Surgical Pathology Criteria


Variant: Myxolipoma / Angiomyxolipoma

Diagnostic Criteria

Supplemental Studies

Differential Diagnosis

Myxoid Liposarcoma Myxolipoma / Angiomyxolipoma
Prominent "chicken wire" vascular pattern Lacks "chicken wire" vascular pattern
May have lipoblasts Lacks lipoblasts
Very rare in subcutis or dermis Usually in subcutis or dermis
CD34 negative or scattered small cells CD34 widely positive in myxoid areas
t(12;16) or t(12;22) t(7;13) or t(8;12) reported

Myxolipoma Spindle Cell Lipoma with Myxoid Stroma
Lacks prominent spindle cell component Prominent spindle cell component
May have prominent vascularity Vascularity rarely prominent
No dense collagen bundles Dense ropy collagen bundles
Location variable Largely restricted to back, shoulders, posterior neck




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