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Prostatic Mucinous Adenocarcinoma


  • Primary prostatic adenocarcinoma composed of at least 25% extracellular mucin

Diagnostic Criteria

  • Lakes of extracellular mucin must make up at least 25% of the volume of the tumor
    • If less than 25%, designate as adenocarcinoma with focal mucin
    • In a biopsy, designate as adenocarcinoma with mucinous features
  • Epithelial component may grow as strips, glands, cribriform structures and signet ring cells (rare)
    • May float in mucin or line mucin filled spaces (usually partially)
  • Collagenous micronodules (mucinous fibroplasia) may be present
  • Grading has been somewhat controversial
    • Some designate all as Gleason 4+4
    • Some "mentally subtract the mucin" and score it as an ordinary carcinoma
      • Usually results in score 4+3 (Osunkoya 2008)
  • Clinical behavior appears to be similar to usual carcinoma (Osunkoya 2008, Lane 2006)
  • PSA, PAP and low molecular weight cytokeratins positive
    • High molecular weight cytokeratin negative
    • CK7/20 double positive rare
  • Urothelial and non-prostatic origin must be excluded
    • Mucinous urothelial carcinoma
      • HMWCK positive and CK7/20 double positive in most cases
      • PSA and PAP negative (Osunkoya 2007)
        • Some older reports find some positivity
    • GI tract adenocarcinoma must be ruled out
      • PSA and PAP negative
      • CDX2 positive in GI primaries but also reported positive in 30% of mucinous prostate carcinomas (Leite 2008)
      • History, endoscopy and imaging are critical
  • Bibliography (for general references see Prostatic Acinar Adenocarcinoma)
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  • For general diagnostic, grading and staging criteria, see also Prostatic Acinar Adenocarcinoma

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