Surgical Pathology Criteria

Colorectal Adenoma Containing Invasive Adenocarcinoma


Alternate/Historical Names

Diagnostic Criteria

Adenoma Size % with Adenocarcinoma
≤5 mm Essentially 0%
6-15 mm 2%
16-25 mm 19%
26-35 mm 43%
>35 mm 76%
(Nasco 1997)
Level 0 Intramucosal carcinoma only
Level 1 Invasion into the submucosa of the head of the polyp, surrounded on all surfaces by adenoma or carcinoma
Level 2 Invasion to the junction of the head and neck
Level 3 Invasion into submucosa of stalk, surrounded on all surfaces by non-neoplastic mucosa
Level 4 Invasion into the level of the native submucosa

Robert V Rouse MD
Department of Pathology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford CA 94305-5342

Original posting : 1/31/10

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