Surgical Pathology Criteria

Ductal Adenoma of the Breast

Differential Diagnosis

Radial Scar, Sclerosing Adenosis, Ductal Adenoma and Nipple Adenoma


Ductal Adenoma Adenomyoepithelioma
Hyalinized stroma Cellular stroma
Circumscribed, encapsulated Capsule unusual
Ductal adenoma may have myoepithelial overgrowth


Ductal Adenoma Intraductal Papilloma
Hyperplastic lesion with papillomatosis and/or adenosis Papillary fronds lacking florid hyperplasia


Ductal Adenoma Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma
Circumscribed, expansile Infiltrating
Cytologically bland Cytologically atypical
Myoepithelial cells present, frequently prominent No myoepithelial cells

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