Surgical Pathology Criteria

Apocrine Adenoma of the Breast

Differential Diagnosis


Sclerosing Adenosis with Apocrine Metaplasia Apocrine Adenoma
Cellular, sclerotic stroma Scant stroma
Small glands Variable, larger glands
Compressed lumens Open lumens


Apocrine Adenosis Apocrine Adenoma
Poorly circumscribed Circumscribed nodule
Variable size and shape of glands Uniform round glands
Usually associated with adenomyoepithelioma No association with adenomyoepithelioma


Apocrine Carcinoma Apocrine Adenoma
Infiltrative pattern Circumscribed
Large vesicular nuclei with prominent nucleoli Small bland nuclei
No myoepithelial layer Myoepithelial layer present

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