Surgical Pathology Criteria

Burkitt Lymphoma

Grading / Staging / Report

Special Staging System for Burkitt Lymphoma

Stage I

A single extranodal tumor or single anatomic nodal area, except mediastinum or abdomen

Stage II

A single extranodal tumor with regional node involvement

Two or more nodal areas on the same side of the diaphragm

Two single extranodal tumors with or without regional node involvement ond the same side of the diaphragm

Primary GI tumor, with or without involvement of associated mesenteric nodes only

Stage IIR

Completely resected abdominal disease

Stage III

Two single extranodal tumors above and below the diaphragm

Two or more nodal areas above and below the diaphragm

All primary intrathoracic tumors

All extensive primary intra-abdominal disease

Stage IIIA

Localized but non-resectable abdominal disease

Stage IIIB

Widespread multiorgan abdominal disease

Stage IV

Any of above with initial CNS and/or bone marrow involvement (25%)

Diebold et al. in Jaffe et al. eds, WHO Classification of Tumours 2001

The pathology report should contain the following information:

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