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Thymic Cyst


  • Epithelial lined cyst involving the thymus

Diagnostic Criteria

  • Frequently separated into congenital and aquired types
    • Common features
      • May occur at all ages
      • May be found in neck or mediastinum
      • Thymic tissue must be present at least focally within the wall of the cyst
    • Congenital type
      • Thin wall
      • May be unilocular or multilocular
      • Lined by squamous, glandular or ciliated epithelium
    • Acquired type
      • Walls thickened by inflammatory infiltrate
        • May have germinal centers
      • Virtually alwalys multilocular
      • Lined by squamous or columnar epithelium
        • May exhibit pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia
      • Frequent cholesterol clefts and granulomas
      • One report of four patients with associated fever and autoimmune disease (Izumi)
        • Cured by resection
      • May be associated with any neoplasm, but most frequently with:
  • Both types are benign (if not associated with a neoplasm)

Robert V Rouse MD
Department of Pathology
Stanford University School of Medicine
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Original posting/updates: 9/24/10

Differential Diagnosis

  • Thymic cysts, both primary and acquired are distinguished from other types of cysts by the identification of thymic tissue in their walls
    • Cervical
      • Branchial cleft
      • Cervial bronchial
      • Thyroglossal
    • Mediastinal
      • Bronchal
      • Esophageal duplication
      • Lymphangioma
      • Pericardial
  • Associated neoplasm must be ruled out in all cases

Classification / Lists

Miscellaneous Thymic Lesions and Conditions


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