Surgical Pathology Criteria

Gardner-associated Fibroma

Differential Diagnosis

Gardner Associated Fibroma Nuchal-type Fibroma
Age range 2 mo to 36 years Age range 3 to 74 years
Most, but not all cases, extranuchal 70% nuchal
Formless sheets of collagen Thick bundles of collagen
Rare entrapped nerves Frequent entrapped traumatic neuroma areas
The two may be very difficult to distinguish histologically

Gardner Associated Fibroma Scar
No history of trauma History of trauma
These two may be histologically indistinguishable

Gardner Associated Fibroma Fibrolipoma
Radiates into fat Encapsulated
Abundant collagen Focal collagen

Gardner Associated Fibroma Fibrous Hamartoma of Infancy
Lacks triphasic pattern, no immature component Triphasic lesion with spindle cell fibrous areas, adipose tissue and clusters of immature mesenchymal cells
Age range 2 mo to 36 years All but rare cases congenital to 4 years

Gardner Associated Fibroma Extra-abdominal Desmoid Fibromatosis
Involves superficial tissues Involves deep tissues
Infrequently involves skeletal muscle Involves skeletal muscle
Paucicellular May have cellular areas

Gardner Associated Fibroma Solitary Fibrous Tumor
Paucicellular May have cellular areas
Radiates into fat Usually circumscribed
Inconspicuous vessels Frequent stag horn vessels

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