Surgical Pathology Criteria


Variant: Myolipoma (Lipoleiomyoma)

Diagnostic Criteria

Supplemental Studies

Differential Diagnosis

Angiomyolipoma Myolipoma
Abnormal large vessels No abnormal vascular component
Epithelioid perivascular cells No epithelioid component
HMB45, MelanA positive HMB45, MelanA not reported

Atypical Lipomatous Tumor with Smooth Muscle Metaplasia Myolipoma
Atypical cells present No atypical cells
Fibrous septa frequent Fibrous septa absent
Floret cells or lipoblasts frequent No floret cells or lipoblasts

Spindle Cell Lipoma Myolipoma
Restricted to back of neck, upper back, shoulders Predominantly pelvic
Scant cytoplasm Tapered cytoplasm in spindle cells
CD34 positive CD34 negative
Actin negative Actin positive

Low Grade Leiomyosarcoma Infiltrating Fat Myolipoma
Fat is overrun (asymmetrically involved) Fat is integral to lesion (throughout)
May have atypia, mitotic figures No atypia or mitotic figures



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