Surgical Pathology Criteria

Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

Supplemental Studies


Low MW keratin pos
CK7 neg or focal
High MW keratin neg
EMA pos
CD10 pos
PAX2 >90%
PAX8 >95%
See also markers in table below

Immunohistologic markers useful for distinguishing major types of renal cell carcinoma

  CA-IX Vim CD117 AMACR Racemase PN15 /PNRA/ gp200 CK7
Clear Cell 100% >85% <5% 15-25% 85% neg or focal
Papillary 50 >90 <20 >80 >85 20-80%
Chromophobe 0 0 >80 <15 0-45 >70% strong
Oncocytoma 0 0 >90 <15 0 neg to scattered
CA-IX = Carbonic Anhydrase IX; Vim = Vimentin; Clone PN15 anti-gp200 is sold as Renal Cell Carcinoma Marker, a unfortunately chosen, non-specific name

References for general IPOX of major types of RCC

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