Surgical Pathology Criteria

Ganglioneuroma of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Differential Diagnosis

Distinction between normal ganglion cells overrun by a nerve sheath neoplasm and those intrinsic to ganglioneuroma

Mucosal Benign Epithelioid Nerve Sheath Tumor Mucosal Schwann Cell Hamartoma GI Ganglioneuroma
Epithelioid Spindled Spindled
No axons Very rare axons Axons present
No ganglion cells No ganglion cells Ganglion cells present
It is possible that Mucosal Benign Epithelioid Nerve Sheath Tumor and Mucosal Schwann Cell Hamartoma are related

GI Schwannoma GI Ganglioneuroma
No ganglion cells Contains ganglion cells
Most cases intramural Predominantly lamina propria
Peripheral lymphoid cuff common Lacks lymphoid cuff

GI Ganglioneuroma GI Neurofibroma
Ganglion cells present Lacks ganglion cells

GI Ganglioneuroma GI Perineurioma
Ganglion cells present No ganglion cells
S100 100% S100 negative
Perineurial markers negative Perineurial markers positive

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