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Surgical Pathology Criteria

Diabetic Mastopathy / Lymphocytic Mastitis


  • A fibrous breast mass witha prominent lymphocytic infiltrate most often occurring in patients with longstanding diabetes

Alternate/Historical Names

  • Diabetic fibrous mastopathy
  • Diabetic lymphocytic lobulitis
  • Fibrous disease of the breast in juvenile diabetics
  • Lymphocytic mastopathy
  • Sclerosing lymphocytic lobulitis

Diagnostic Criteria

  • Prominent keloidal fibrosis
  • Prominent lymphocytic infiltrate
    • Perivascular, perilobular, periductal
      • May infiltrate lobular epithelium forming lymphoepithelial lesions
    • Sharply circumscribed infiltrate
    • May form nodules but germinal centers not seen
    • Predominantly B cells
    • One case reported of a postmenopausal patient with an exuberant lymphohistiocytic and granulomatous response (Fong 2006)
  • Epithelioid stromal cells
    • No mitotic figures described in stromal cells
    • Variable staining for actin
  • No epithelial proliferation
  • Virtually all female patients premenopausal
  • Nearly all reported cases with the full constellation of histologic features have occurred in diabetics

Richard L Kempson MD
Robert V Rouse MD
Department of Pathology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford CA 94305-5342

Original posting:: May 15, 2006

Supplemental studies


  • Lymphoid infiltrate is predominantly B cells
    • No CD43 coexpression
  • Epithelioid stromal cells
    • Variably reactive for actin
    • Negative for desmin, S100, CD34

Genetic analysis

  • No evidence of B cell clonality

Differential Diagnosis

Fibrocystic disease

  • Combined epithelial and stromal process
  • Lacks keloidal fibrosis
  • Lacks epithelioid stromal cells
  • Lacks characteristic B cell infiltrates

Nonspecific mastitis

  • Mixed B and T cells or predominantly T cells
  • Lacks keloidal fibrosis
  • Lacks epithelioid stromal cells

Diabetic Mastopathy / Lymphocytic Mastitis Mammary Hamartoma
Epithelioid stromal cells No epithelioid stromal cells
Prominent B cell infiltrates No significant B cell infiltrates
Both have keloidal fibrosis


  • Nearly all reported cases with full constellation of histologic features have occurrred in diabetics
    • Most often associated with Type I diabetes
    • One report of association with longstanding insulin use rather than type of diabetes (Seidman)
    • Occasional cases reported in non-diabetics with some but not all of the diagnostic histologic features
      • Significance of such lesions is unclear
      • Autoantibodies reported in some cases (Schwartz)
  • Generally presents as a fibrous mass or masses
    • May be unilateral or bilateral
    • One prospective series of diabetics found non-palpable lesions with some but not all of the diagnostic histologic features (Lammie)
  • Most patients female
    • Virtually all premenopausal
    • Rare male cases reported
  • May recur


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