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Surgical Pathology Criteria

Angiomatosis of the Breast


  • Very rare diffuse benign vascular process of the breast

Alternate/Historical Names

  • Diffuse angiomatosis

Diagnostic Criteria

  • Very rare, only five cases reported
    • Do not make this diagnosis without consultation
  • Diffuse process
    • Surrounds ducts and lobules
    • No invasion into lobules
  • Large irregular vascular spaces
    • No muscular wall
    • May have occasional anastomoses
  • Lined by flat endothelium without atypia
  • May have both blood and lymphatic channels
  • Complete excision and examination is required for the diagnosis of any benign vascular lesion in the breast

Richard L Kempson MD
Robert V Rouse MD
Department of Pathology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford CA 94305-5342

Original posting:: May 27, 2006

Supplemental studies


  • Supplemental stains not typically required

Differential Diagnosis

Angiosarcoma of the Breast Angiomatosis of the Breast
Variable patterns: channels, papillae, spindle cells Uniform pattern of vessels
Usually a t least focal cytologic atypia Cytologically bland
Invades lobules Does not invade lobules
Frequent papillae and tufting No papillae or tufting

  • Complete excision and examination are required to insure accurate diagnosis of an apparently benign vascular lesion in the breast
  • Angiomatosis is an extremely rare lesion; it is a diagnosis that requires consultation
  • Angiomatosis Perilobular Hemangioma Hemangioma Venous Hemangioma
    Mass lesion Microscopic, incidental lesion Mass lesion Mass lesion
    Diffuse, infiltrating Localized Localized Localized
    Cavernous Predominantly capillary Usually cavernous Cavernous
    Complete excision and examination is required for the diagnosis of any benign vascular lesion in the breast


    • May recur
    • Rare lesion
      • Three adults, one child (male) and one infant reported
    • Forms a mass lesion
    • No metastases reported

    Grading / Staging / Report

    Grading / Staging

    • Not applicable


    • If the diagnosis of a benign vascular lesion is made on a partial excision, it must be stated to be contingent upon complete excision


    Breast Tumors with Vascular (and Pseudovascular) Differentiation


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