Surgical Pathology Criteria

Primary Effusion Lymphoma

Differential Diagnosis

Both are EBV positive. One HHV8+ pyothorax associated lymphoma has been reported by O'Donovan et al.
Pyothorax Associated Lymphoma Primary Effusion Lymphoma
Associated with chronic inflammation No association with inflammation
No association with immunosuppression Majority associated with immunosuppression
HHV8 negative HHV8 positive
Pleural mass No mass lesion

Plasmablastic Lymphoma Primary Effusion Lymphoma
Not body cavity based (frequently oral cavity) Involves body cavity
CD45RB weak to negative CD45RB positive
HHV8 only if associated with Castleman disease HHV8 positive
Both are usually associated with HIV and most are EBV+ and CD20 negative

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